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Roller Skating Roller Skating Sunday 5 August 2018

Make this human journey together with us

The entire programme is open to all, respecting all diversities, whatever your nationality, ethnicity, social status, physical condition, culture, religious beliefs, political convictions, age, sporting and artistic abilities, disability, sexual orientation, or ownership of inline or quad skates.

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05 august

“6 Heures de Paris”

  • 09:00 am : Welcome
  • 10:00 am : Warm-Up
  • 10:30 am : Overview of the Course
  • 11:00 am : Race starts
  • 05:00 pm : Race ends
  • 05:30 pm : Awards Ceremony




Age Groups

  • Seniors (aged 18+)
  • Veterans (aged 35+)

The age of each participant will be that on the day of each competition.

There are no age categories for para-athletes.

All members of a Veterans team must be at least 35 years old. For Senior teams, at least one skater must be aged between 18 and 34.

Categories for the "6 Heures de Paris"

Each participant can register to be placed in one of the following categories:

  • IDH: Individual Men (18+)
  • IDF: Individual Women (18+)
  • DUX: Men’s and Mixed Pairs (18+)
  • DUF: Women’ Pairs (18+)
  • SNX: Men’s or Mixed Senior Teams (3 to 5 team members allowed, one of whom being 18-34, the rest 18+)
  • SNF: Women-Only Senior Teams (3 to 5 team members allowed, one of whom being 18-34, the rest 18+)
  • VEX: Veteran Teams (3 to 5 team members allowed, all of whom being 35+)
  • HND: Para-Athlete Teams (3 to 5 team members, at least one of whom must have a disability)
  • QD: Quad Teams (3 to 5 team members, all of whom must compete using quad skates)

There are no age categories for the individual and pairs events.

In the para-skating category, every lap must be completed by a para-athlete.

The mixed teams in the “Six Heures” can be the same as those formed for the Mixed Team Relay, but do not have to be.

The “Paris 2018” athletes are full participants of the “6 Heures de Paris” event, and can therefore take part in the medals ceremony with all the other participants.

Furthermore, there will also be a medals ceremony specifically for the Paris 2018 skaters in the categories in which there are at least 3 entries.

The organizing commitee

The roller skating events for Paris 2018 are being organised by a committee within ‘Les Enrolleres’, the first LGBT roller skating association in Europe, with the support of the French Roller Sport Federation (FFRS), and in collaboration with the Paris Université Club (PUC).

The “6 Heures de Paris” endurance race has been organised by the PUC every year since 1999. For the 2018 edition, the PUC have kindly opened the competition to Gay Games athletes.

The middle-distance race, mixed team relay and the half marathon are being organised by Les Enrolleres.

Federations and clubs

  • FFRoller FFRoller French Federation of Roller Sports
    FFRoller FFRoller


  • Les Enrolleres Les Enrolleres Roller
    Les Enrolleres Les Enrolleres

    Founded in 1998, Les Enrolleres is a roller club .

    The Enrolleres were the first LGBT roller skating association in Europe, organizing skating activities since 1998.

    The Enrolleres, with a friendly and playful approach to roller skating, are affiliated with the Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (FSGL) and the French Roller Skating Sports Federation (FFRS).

  • PUC PUC Omnisports


  • Lorenzo Lorenzo Speed Roller Skating Coordinator