Please note that purchased tickets for all the events of Paris 2018 are neither taken back nor exchanged

  • Make sure you are available at the time and the day of the event you are interested in
  • Make sure that your access right is not already included in your rights based on your activity during the Gay Games
  • Take the time to not make a mistake, and ask questions if needed
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08/08/2018 – 20:00
Casino de Paris
16 rue de Clichy – 75009 PARIS
Paris 2018 celebrates diversity through classical music. One gala concert will be held at the Casino of Paris, where audiences will enjoy listening to the symphonic band, choirs, and orchestras from all over the world. This gala concert will allow different musical groups to offer the public an exciting evening of performances.
The Casino of Paris (a theater, not a gambling venue) can accommodate 1,500 spectators. Come and support these musicians and singers from around the globe and discover their musical identities.