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Paris 2018 is a non-profit charitable organization (Law 1901) ...


… able to receive tax-deductible donations. The organization was created in 2012 by the gay and lesbian sports federation and thirty sports associations. It is also recognized by the local sports department (DDCS).

Paris 2018 is a federation. Its members cover several key areas:

  • sports: gay and lesbian sports federation (FSGL),
  • affinity: LGBT Centre of Paris and Île-de-France Region and Inter-LGBT (Pride of Paris),
  • students: Federation of general associations of students (FAGE),
  • professionals: L’Autre Cercle
  • thirty other cultural, sporting or health associations.

Paris 2018 has entered into many partnerships including CRIPS, Le Kiosque, as well as with national sporting federations like the National Swimming Federation or UFOLEP.

Paris 2018 is also a key founder of the Foundation “Inclusion Paris 2018” under the auspices of the well-known foundation FACE. The mission is to perpetuate action of PARIS 2018 action and to collect all forms of sponsorship.

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“The Gay Games could not dream about a more ideal setting than Paris to host with heart 15,000 participants eager to compete in respect of sporting rules”

Isabelle Lamour


Paris 2018 is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase participation, inclusion, and personal best of all adults through sport and culture. Its primary focus is the promotion, organization and delivery of Gay Games 10 in August 2018. This sporting and cultural event, open to all, is a model of social cohesion, mutual aid and sharing, valuing diversity, equality, and solidarity. Its purpose is:

  • combating all forms of discrimination, based on criteria established by EU and French law, in particular sexual orientation and gender identity,
  • promoting the recognition of the identity and freedoms of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) people in the context and ethics of struggles related to promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • promoting health including through information and prevention on issues of STIs, HIV / AIDS, cancer, doping, drug use, and other risks;
  • inclusion of specific programs to make Gay Games 10 accessible to the greatest number, including disadvantaged people or people with special needs.

Paris 2018 is an advocacy but non-political association. It acts independently of any political party. The association may join any federation who would have the same purpose. PARIS 2018 is also committed to sustainable development.



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Paris 2018 is managed by a board chaired by Pascale Reinteau et Manuel Picaud and consists of 12 board members. The association has chosen an honorary president: Ms. Isabelle Lamour, President of the French Fencing Federation and member of the National Sports Olympic French Committee.

Nearly 3000 volunteers have been involved in the organizing committee. Paris 2018 has also several staff members, trainees and civil services.

The association works with full transparency. Its accounts are covered by a statutory auditor. Several committees are established with the Federation of Gay Games (Steering Committee), with public partners (Institutional Committee), with tourism stakeholders (Tourism Committee) as well as the ambassadors (Strategic Committee).


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Due to its magnitude, Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 will generate strong benefits to the City of Paris, the Ile-de-France Region and the nationof France.

Sporting Impact

Values of inclusion and social cohesion conveyed by sport are well established. Paris 2018 allows LGBT people to be recognized in their own right. Similarly, associations of LGBT sport and cultural movement increases their legitimacy. Paris 2018 focuses on the benefits of sport for all by breaking barriers between able-bodied and disabled people, youth and elderly. Paris 2018 celebrates social, ethnic, gender identity or sexual orientation diversity. Paris 2018 combats homophobia, especially in sport.

Cultural Impact

Culture is inseparable from sport. Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 aims to develop the talents and the richness of cultural heritage of Paris and the Ile-de-France Region. Everyone will be able to share a cultural program which will focus on the values of equality, sharing, and respect.

Social impact

Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 will demonstrate a policy of openness and inclusion for public and sports institutions not only for 2018 but also for years beyond.. The message of inclusion, equality, and acceptance, gives society a new dynamic and humanist image of the LGBT world and strengthens the fight against homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

Tourist Impact

Paris 2018 estimates that visitors will need 100,000 overnight stays and 500,000 meals in the first fortnight of August 2018, plus all related travel. An original tourism offer was negotiated for all participants and visitors through the exclusive receptive KTS France travel agency. A similar partnership was concluded with misterb&b, Official Partner of Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 for apartment rental.

Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 gives a dynamic and welcoming image of our country. Communications are being facilitated through partnerships with the Congress and Tourism Bureau of Paris, the Regional Committee of Tourism and Atout France, as well as the International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association.

overnight stays



Economic Impact

The economic impact of PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 is estimated to be 58 million euros (as a reference, the economic impact in Clevelend for Gay Games 9 was 53 million dollars), plus 78 million euros from related travel & tourism in France, particularly among LGBT travelers. In total, the economic impact is estimated to be 136 million euros.

58 million euros
of economic impact 

Environnemental Impact

The project is eco-friendly in the context of sustainable development. Paris 2018 is part of the Agenda 21 of French sport, including the use of existing infrastructure, temporary facilities made of recyclable materials, the promotion of public transportation, the use of non-polluting vehicles, energy issues, and water management throughout the Gay Games.

In 2015, Paris 2018 has adopted an environmental charter that itemizes the choices made in the various levels of organization against waste, ephemeral, precarious or superfluous constructions. They also aim to offer social inclusion. The sustainable development team of PARIS 2018  is usingthe recommendations of the French government output in February 2016 in order to deliver great eco-friendly Gay Games 10.

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