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PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 is open to all persons over 18 without any selection

The entire PARIS 2018 team has prepared to welcome over 10,000 participants from all over the world for the 10th edition of the Gay Games.  Participation was open to everyone, without any selection criteria or eliminations (just needed to be 18+).
The Gay Games is the only international event open to all that offers so much diversity.  Registration is now closed.
There were many good reasons for registering for Gay Games 10:
  1. to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in an international competition using world-class venues
  2. to discover this unique experience and take advantage of the various sport, culture, educational, and festive events in a special ambiance celebrating the diversity of all participants.
  3. to discover Paris like you’ve never seen before!

We warmly thank you for participating in Paris 2018 Gay Games 10.





Paris 2018 is an event of sports, culture and… volunteers.

Thousands of volunteers have been involved in organizing competitions, ceremonies, registration, cultural events…, served for an exceptional rendezvous and shared the adventure from inside. Just for a few hours or for months, every engagement counts.

Thank you so much for your help!


Paris 2018 is committed to offer a place for everyone. Universal accessibility is a guiding principle to open the event to the largest number of people. To answer the desires of athletes, artists and public with disabilities, an effort was made on the information: accessibility to the competitions and the venues, pictograms, links to Paris’ s accessibility information.

Some events are specially organized to be open to people with disabilities. Specific pictograms are present on the program to indicate the participation’s possibilities.

Pictograms description :

Fauteuil-Petit Physical Disability – Manual Wheelchair
Fauteuil electrique-petit Physical Disability – Electric Wheelchair
Handicap_JambeBras_petit Physical Disability Standing
Sensoriel déficient visuel-petit Sensitive Disability – Visually Impaired
Handicap_Malentendant-petit Sensitive Disability – Hearing Impaired

«A motto: all equal. No discrimination regarding age, origin, health status, sexual orientation or gender identity»


During the Gay Games, all the sporting, cultural and festive events are open to the public. Everyone could come and support, admire, applause sports competitors and artists given the best of themselves. Depending of the case, you could assist for free or with a paying ticket. Paying shows are for instance the Pink Flamingo, dance sport and figure skating.






GAY GAMES benefit from the support of multiple associations sharing the same values.

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