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Paris 2018 is taking all possible actions to provide the highest level of security for all Gay Games 10 participants, volunteers, visitors and supporters.

Your security is our priority

Since being selected to host Gay Games 10, Paris 2018 has taken very seriously the security of all participants and visitors. The security budget has been tripled for 2018.



Paris hosted the 2016 European Soccer Championship, Euro 2016, with fan zones filled with 80,000 people each day, several soccer matches in major stadiums around the country, and many events in Paris without, thankfully, any security issues. The same security teams will work with Paris 2018. Paris also hosts each year the LGBT Pride event, with thousands of people in the streets, using the latest security measures – again, thankfully, with no incidents.

France continues to reinforce its ‘Vigipirate’ security plan to tighten border controls and has deployed 400 extra police and gendarmes in the Ile-de-France region and Paris.


Paris 2018 has been meeting monthly with Security Agencies and Police Commissioner from the City of Paris and the Ministry of Interior. The security planning for Gay Games 10 is being reviewed by all responsible agencies in order to provide the utmost security for all participants and supporters.

Here are some measures taken for Gay Games 10:

  • Central point of secuity
  • Team of security in each venue
  • control of all access in each venue
  • Security of all events by the police
  • Definition of security sectors…

For obvious confidential reasons, the plan of security is not published in details.


For more information, please read the advice and opinion of the US Embassy: