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GAY GAMES is an event for inclusion and respect of diversity


From 4 August to 12 August, 2018, Paris hosts the 10th edition of the GAY GAMES, the world’s largest sporting, cultural and festive event open to all!


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Held every four years for more than 32 years, GAY GAMES, a hymn to love, advocates a society for all diversities. Paris is the perfect host to celebrate this 10th edition, which is expected 10,000 participants from over 80 countries! Supported by the highest French institutional and sporting bodies, PARIS 2018 prepares games celebrating diversity, respect, equality, solidarity and sharing.

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For 10 days , PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 celebrates the international metropolis, the Ile-de- France Region and France and offers participants and visitors from around the world a unique opportunity to enjoy exclusive facilities such as stadiums Jean Bouin or Charléty, the Grand Palais, the Casino of Paris, the Fashion and Design City or the nautic stadium of Vaires-sur-Marne, real sporting center of excellence in the Paris Region.


Facing the world and the future, Paris and the Ile-de-France Region want to deliver GAY GAMES for the greatest number of people in the tradition of the spirit of Tom Waddell, its initiator, who dreamed of a world where the word equality would take its meaning, a world where the exclusion would no longer exist because of any difference.

We invite you to join this ideal !


 cultural events

Since 1982

  • San Francisco 1982 San Francisco 1982 "Challenge" 1.350 participants
  • San Francisco 1986 San Francisco 1986 "Triumph" 3.500 participants
  • Vancouver 1990 Vancouver 1990 "Celebration" 8.800 participants
  • New York 1994 New York 1994 "Unity" 12.500 participants
  • Amsterdam 1998 Amsterdam 1998 "Friendship" 13.000 participants
  • Sydney 2002 Sydney 2002 "Under New Skies" 12.100 participants
  • Chicago 2006 Chicago 2006 "Where the World Meets" 11.700 participants
  • Cologne 2010 Cologne 2010 "Be part of it!" 9.500 participants
  • Cleveland 2014 Cleveland 2014 "The Games for all" 8.000 participants
  • Paris 2018 Paris 2018 "All equal"
The FGG’s values of Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best® propose a model of that can inspire mainstream sport to increase inclusion, not just on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, but more broadly, to ensure equality in sport, which benefits the global fight for equality for LGBT people and for all people.



In the Federation’s internal operations and employment practice, as well as in the events for which the FGG is responsible, there will be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, athletic/artistic ability, age, physical challenge, or health status.




The Gay Games are not about winning. Dr. Tom Waddell founded the Gay Games to give everyone the opportunity to do their personal best and to march into a stadium with their teammates and other participants from around the world to the cheers and congratulations from the spectators. During Gay Games sports events, it is often the least experienced or those who finish last who receive the most applause and cheers.  In many cases, it is often the oldest participants who are congratulated and cited the most. For example, in past Gay Games, there have been 85-year olds doing back-flips off the High Diving Board and 94-year olds running the 100 meters – their participation, their inclusion, and their personal best is what the Gay Games are all about.




The Gay Games are an international event, which welcome and encourage participation of all athletes and artists, gay or straight, old or young, experienced or novice, able-bodied or disabled, with no qualifications or requirements to participate.

« From the start of this project, I chose to make a commitment beside the team of Paris 2018 - as a professional athlete, as a sports enthusiast but also as a woman and as a citizen. This is why I invite you right now to join us: the Gay Games are a big party in which each can participate. »


Laura FLESSEL is one of the greatest French champions. She supported the bid for PARIS 2018. She is now Minister of Sports.


« I believe in the power of the French Sportsmen and women »
Pierre BERGÉ

Pierre BERGÉ

Pierre BERGE was one of the most famous man in the world of culture. He was an Honorary President of PARIS 2018.





The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) is the governing body of the Gay Games. Its first mission is to make sure the Gay Games take place every 4 years. The FGG is composed of more than 50 member organizations: international sport and cultural federations, regional or local sport and cultural associations. The FGG carry out its mission through the Gay Games, by building strong relationships with its members and developing partnerships with other organizations.


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