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Inclusion Paris 2018

a solution for sponsorship

The Foundation Inclusion Paris 2018 was created to fight for inclusion of all LGBT people through sport and culture. The foundation also aims to contribute financially to the 10th édition of the Gay Games.

The Foundation Inclusion Paris 2018, under the auspices of the reknown Foundation FACE (Fondation Against Exclusion), welcomes donations, legacy gifts, and financial support of any means.
You can become a member with a donation of 1000 € or more, and you can become a founding member with a donation of 5000 € per year.
Paris 2018 recognizes donors according to their contributions.  Donations can also remain anonymous.

Donations are eligible to the following French tax reductions :

  • For individuals, a reduction of 66% of the donation from your income tax* or a reduction of 75% of the French ‘Fortune Tax’**
  • For businesses, a reduction of 60% of the donation from the corporate tax ***

* Up to 20% of taxable revenue :  a donation of 1000€  costs only  340 € .
** Up to 50000 €
***  Up to 0.5% of corporate revenue

Headquarters of the Foundation Inclusion Paris 2018 :
c/o FACE – 361 Avenue du Président Wilson 93211 ST DENIS LA PLAINE Cedex, siège social de la FRUP abritante FACE.

Contacts :

  • Manuel Picaud, President, +33 676 085 087 –
  • Claire Cabanel, Development Manager,  +33 663 682 119  –