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Please support Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10, make a donation, become a sponsor in order to encourage sports and culture for all and combat discrimination of all types.

Your donations allow us to organize sporting, cultural, festive and educational events in August 2018, and to allocate scholarships for selected participants and communicate worldwide.

If you pay taxes in France, you will benefit from a tax deduction:  66% of all donations made to Paris 2018 is deductible from your taxes, up to 20% of your taxable revenue.

(For example:  a donation of 100€ will benefit from a deduction of 66€, therefore costing you only 34€.)

You will receive a receipt for your annual tax return that will attest to the French tax authorities the donation you have made.  All donations made in way will be dedicated to the activities of  Paris 2018.

You are a majority to give 50 €.