International Rainbow Memorial Run

International Rainbow Memorial Run International Rainbow Memorial Run Saturday 4 August 2018

Make this human journey together with us

Since 1990, each edition of the Gay Games began with the International Rainbow Memorial Run. This event pays tribute to the memories of artist Keith Haring, lesbian activist Rikki Streicher,  Dr. Tom Waddell, the founder of the Gay Games, and to all family members whom the Gay Games have lost, especially due to AIDS and breast cancer.

In this context, a series of runs takes place in the host cities of previous Gay Games, usually starting with San Francisco, and ending in Paris on the day of the Gay Games 10 Opening Ceremony, 4 August 2018.

Hundreds of people take part in those local events as they walk on a designated course.

Brent Nicholson Earle, is one of the major figures of this event since its inception. He tracks each run, and the Patchworks of the international exhibition names of each edition of the Gay Games.

The International Rainbow Memorial Run will be organized in collaboration with several sports and health associations as the Front Runners of Paris, the Enrolleres, Les derailleurs, Rando’s, Vers Paris sans sida, le CRIPS, AIDES…

The race will begin at the Town Hall. It will follow the Rue de Rivoli, cross the Jardin des Tuileries, then return via the banks of the Seine on Paris Plage.


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Participants of Gay Games 10 and all Parisians and tourists are encouraged to be a part of the International Rainbow Memorial Run.

After a speech about the origin of the race and its role, the patchwork of names will be deployed according to the ceremonial opening tradition since 30 years. Participants will then be invited to display the name of a missing person they wish to remember.

It is only after this moment of meditation that the march event will begin.

For security reasons, the capacity of the event was limited to 1400 people.



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The forecasted program is as follows:


4 August

  • Meeting at 9:00 am at the City Hall (“Hotel de Ville” Place)
  • Distribution of bracelets: from 9:00 am to 10 am
  • Speeches and patchwork of names: from 10 am to 10:40 with the participation of Les Funambules
  • March and finish line of arrival at the City Hall: from 10:40 to 11:45
  • End of the event at noon.


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  • Physical Disability Standing Physical Disability Standing
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  • Visual Disability Visual Disability

Information given as an indication. Any person with disabilities who wishes to participate in cultural events is invited to contact us at


Spectators are invited to support the participants in the Run and to pay tribute to the fallen.


The organizing commitee



    Organization associated with the Regional Ile-de-France Council, recognized for health risk plans and education in Paris and surroundings.

    Regional Center for AIDS Information and Prevention

    Organization associated with the Regional Ile-de-France Council, recognized for health risk plans and education in Paris and surroundings.

    Its areas of expertise: youth high-risk behaviors, through a global health approach.

    CRIPS notably takes action in the areas below:

    • Emotional and sexual life (HIV/AIDS, STI, hepatitis)
    • Addictions
    • Inequalities and injustices due to singularities (struggle against sexism, homophobia, serophobia)

    Mission towards Youth

    CRIPS is very much engaged in prevention towards the youth.

    CRIPS provides services all over the Ile-de-France area in:

    • High schools and Apprentices Training Centers (CFA)
    • Institutions hosting vulnerable individuals (youth in the process of insertion, migrants, foreigners, the handicapped, prisoners, LGBT…)
    • Its information and prevention area Cybercrips
    • Its prevention unit BIP (Bus Info Prevention)

    Over 200 000 teenagers and young adults are made aware of prevention every year.

    CRIPS has been focusing its activity on the exchange of knowledge and practices by making aware, training and assisting the educational teams in educational health projects. Foreign activists are invited for capacity-building missions.

    CRIPS informs the general public by leading actions during big events and demonstrations (Solidays, Gay Pride, Humanity Festival, Education Fair, etc.) and by carrying out yearly prevention and communication campaigns.

    CRIPS releases information and prevention material for the youth and general public, and also proposes newsletters informing about its actions.

    More information can be found on the CRIPS homepage

    Contacts of CRIPS Ile-de-France :

    14, rue Maublanc 75015 Paris

    Ph: +33 / (0)1 56 80 33 33 / Fax : +33 / (0)1 56 80 33 30



  • Vers Paris sans sida Vers Paris sans sida
    Vers Paris sans sida Vers Paris sans sida

    One year after the Paris Declaration, in partnership with UNAIDS, Paris has taken the leadership of committed cities around the goal of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. In this context, the epidemiologist France LERT has made to the Mayor of Paris in February 2016 a report aiming at enabling Paris to reach the intermediate target of 90-90-90 in 2020: 90% of HIVpositive screened – 90% of screened patients put under treatment – 90% of patients treated with an undetectable viral load.

    On 18 May 2016, the Paris Council approved a deliberation on the implementation of this report and on the co-creation by the City of Paris of an association called “Towards Paris without aids” whose purpose is to raise public and private funds to finance the actions needed to end the HIV epidemic in Paris.

    The strategy adopted by the City of Paris and the HIV actors in Paris is a positive and inclusive strategy, moving from prevention of risky behavior to sexual health and real equality. It is a question of adapting the proposed means of action to the various groups exposed, to their epidemiology and their way of life.

    The aim of the Association Vers Paris sans sida is to raise public and private funds to finance the actions implemented as part of this strategy, in order to finance any action to achieve the above objectives. The funding aims to promote access to screening, care, treatment and rights by focusing on community health systems targeting the populations most affected by the HIV / aids epidemic.

    Any action directly or indirectly related to the above purpose falls within the vocation of the Association, including communication actions on the means of combined prevention, fight against discrimination and for inclusion and the good -being LGBT populations particularly vulnerable to HIV.

  • Paris Front Runners Paris Front Runners Track and Field, Running
    Paris Front Runners Paris Front Runners
    Track and Field, Running

    Founded in 1992, Paris Front Runners is a Track and Field and a Running club .

    Les Front Runners de Paris est une association de course à pied fondée en 1992, et composée aujourd’hui de plus de 330 membres. Le club est ouvert à tou-te-s, sans discriminations : quelle que soit l’orientation sexuelle, le genre, l’âge, le statut sérologique, le niveau en sport.

    Chaque année, les Front Runners de Paris organisent deux événements clés de la visibilité sportive LGBT : la Course de la Saint Valentin, ainsi que les épreuves d’athlétisme et les courses hors stade du Tournoi International de Paris.

  • Les Funambules Les Funambules Collective of artists against Homophobia