Freedom through sports

Freedom through sports Freedom through sports 1 August / 15:30 - 17:00

Modern sport was born in England in the nineteenth century in the masculine world of “good society”.

This elitist sport became political highlighted at the Olympics in Mexico City. Its democratization, its openness to all social classes, initiated by the Olympics of Baron Coubertin and then to the women, finally accompanies the emancipation fights of the “social minorities”.

It is transformed into a mass movement that allows people to free themselves from stereotypes, prejudices, respect their partners and opponents, and ultimately live better together.

How to reconcile respect for rules and personal freedom? What are the conditions for successful sports for all? The Olympics and the GAY GAMES. What are the roles of sports federations and clubs? What responsibilities for the public community and the private sector? What conditions should be met? What pitfalls avoid?

Anthropologue / Université de Rouen

Charles ROZOY
Conférencier, champion paralympique de natation

Responsable Sport et Pédagogie, Sport Dans la Ville

Enseignant chercheur en géographie, FSGL