Putting European citizens back in motion

How to get back to the sport? How to get back to the sport? 2 August / 11:30 - 13:00

60% of European citizens do not practice regular physical activity, there are 210 million inactive citizens. This inactivity has dramatic consequences, and sedentariness is now classified, according to the World Health Organization, as the fourth highest risk of death worldwide behind smoking, hypertension or hyperglycemia.

In addition to these significant health risks, it leads to a significant economic cost, estimated at 80 billion euros per year in Europe. Despite disastrous effects, we note that policy makers are sometimes not aware of the alarming figures of obesity for 66% of them and overweight, for 84%.

It is now a question of moving from a nation of sportsmen to a sporting nation. What tools? What messages to fill this gap?

Consultante en santé publique / IRMES

Jean-François LAURENT
Head of programmes and Projects / TAFISA

Director / IPDJ

Députée nationale, ex-députée européenne / Assemblée Nationale

Ancienne membre de l’équipe de France d’Escrime, membre du comité des athlètes Paris 2024

Philippe FURRER
Senior Manager / YOG Engagement, Learn & Share, IOC