Volleyball Volleyball From Sunday 5 August to Saturday 11 August 2018

Make this human journey together with us

The men’s and women’s volleyball tournaments of PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 were organized in five sports centers in eastern Paris by Contrepied.

Nearly 750 players were registered for these tournaments open to all, regardless of ability!

The tournaments were also organized by level allowing a more pleasant and balanced game for beginners and experts!

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A team was composed of 6 to 12 people. A team of less than 6 people were not allowed to participate. 



Each member of the first three teams in each division will receive a gold, silver and bronze.

You can see the results of the competition below:




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The applicable rules are those of the International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB).

You can consult below the rules of Paris 2018 Volleyball competition :

Volleyball rules – English version

Volleyball rules – French version


Finals schedule :

Friday 10 august

Salle Charpy opening at at 8h30

Participants must arrive 30 minutes before the match

  • 09H00 : Women Level B
  • 10h30 : All genders Level C
  • 13H30 : All genders Level B
  • 15H00 : All genders Level BB
  • 16h30 : All genders  level A

Saturday 11 august

Salle Charpy opening at at 8h30

Participants must arrive 30 minutes before the matc

  • 9H00 : All genders Level AA
  • 10H30 : Women Level A
  • 12H00 : Gala equimixte
  • 13H00 : Medal ceremony


You can see the competition schedule below:




05 - 09 August

  • preliminary rounds

10 - 11 August

  • Final phase



Several tournaments are held according to the level of  players:

  • AA – Top competitive
  • A – Competitive
  • BB – Advanced
  • B – Average
  • C – Recreational

The organizing Committee of 2018 PARIS reserves the right to combine certain categories if needed.

Organizing Committee

Federations and clubs

  • Contrepied Contrepied Volleyball
    Contrepied Contrepied

    Founded in 1990, Contrepied is a Volley-ball club .

    Contrepied was founded as a non-profit association on 7 December 1990. It gathers lesbians, gays and their friends together to play volleyball in a friendly and open-minded environment. Contrepied is a recreational sports club, in solidarity withe the causes and struggles of LGBT people worldwide. Competition and excellence have also their place in this association as well.


  • Joël Joël Volleyball Coordinator