Solidarity : Gay Games Scholarship Program Open

Launch of Outreach Program for Gay Games 10

Starting exactly two years before Gay Games 10 Opening Ceremony, applications for Gay Games 10 Scholarships will be now accepted in coordination with the Federation of Gay Games.

The Gay Games Scholarship Program was established to encourage financially-challenged participants from underrepresented populations from around the world to take part in the Gay Games, with support from the Roy M. Coe Scholarship Fund. (The Roy M. Coe Scholarship Fund was endowed to the FGG in 1995). Since 1998, over 800 scholarship candidates have participated in the Gay Games. See video below : Video Gay Games Outreach.


To view and complete the scholarship application, click here or go to: The deadline for submitting a scholarship application is 31 October 2017. Applications will be reviewed during the next several months, and decisions will be finalized and communicated on or before 1 January 2018.

Every four years, the number of applications for Gay Games scholarship assistance far exceeds the number that can be funded. We deeply regret having to decline so many applications and wish we could fund all requests. A global call for individual donations will directly translate in helping bring more individuals to Paris. Without donations, the Gay Games Scholarship Fund could not exist.

Special thanks go to Foundation Inclusion Paris 2018 and the NGO Contribution (Marseille),generous supporters of the Gay Games 10 Scholarship program. The average scholarship costs $2000 for travel and accommodation. Donations to the Gay Games 10 Scholarship Fund may be made at:

For any questions about the Gay Games 10 Scholarship Program, please contact:

31 October