The French Roller Sports Federation

The French Roller Sports Federation supports Paris 2018

The French Roller Sports Federation (FFRS) signs a convention to support and organize the Roller Race and Roller Derby events of Paris 2018-Gay Games 10, from 4 to 12 August 2018.

Through this convention, the FFRS is committed to take part in the Gay Games organized in Paris in 2018. The two federal disciplines Roller Course and Roller Derby will be represented and logistical and material assistance will be provided for the organization of the events. The federation undertakes to provide the human and logistical means necessary for the smooth running of the competitions, as well as to promote these competitions.

With 15,000 participants and 40,000 visitors expected in Paris in August 2018, Gay Games is the largest sporting and cultural event in the world, open to all adults, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, Ethnic origin or disability status. 36 sporting disciplines are represented, including the Roller Course and the Roller Derby.

The aim of these diversity worlds is to fight against discrimination in sport, and rollerblading in particular, so that everyone can find their place in it, based on three principles: participation, inclusion and transcending oneself.

The operational organization of the Roller Course events is handled by Les Enrolleres, the first LGBT rollerblading association in Europe, in collaboration with the Paris University Roller Club. A team from the Paris Roller Girls will handle the Roller Derby competitions. The support of the RSMC is essential to the success of such competitions and is part of a long-term approach, aimed, among other things, at the Olympic games of 2024 and thereby affirming the universal values ​​of sport.

Registration for the event is made online on the Paris 2018 website. The number of places is limited in each discipline. As there is no selection, the first registrants are the first to be served!


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