Signed partnership between Paris 2018

Press Release: 07/11/2017

Contact: Thomas Mareau, Press Manager,


Signed partnership between Paris 2018

and the City of Paris


This October 30th at 6.30 pm in Paris, reporters were gathered around Pascale Reinteau and Manuel Picaud, co-presidents of Paris in 2018 as well as Bruno Julliard, First Deputy to the Mayor of Paris in charge of culture, Joanie Evans and Sean Fitzgerald, co-presidents of the Federation of the Gay Games; the conference was moderated by Alex Taylor, French British journalist.

On this occasion, the City of Paris and the event Paris 2018 signed a partnership involving the organization and the hosting of this international event. Partner of the first hour, Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10 is pleased to have the City of Paris among his most invested supporters. Indeed, the City of Paris will allow the holding of athletic and cultural events in Parisian places, rich in both culture and history: the City of Fashion and Design, City Hall, the Charlety Stadium, the Grand Palace, etc. "Paris is proud to organize this event to the values of tolerance, respect and diversity. The Gay Games promote what Albert Camus said; the true glory is the right to love without measure" said Bruno Julliard. This partnership was also an opportunity to publicly present the communication campaign to promote Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10; created in partnership with the communication agency BETC and supported by the City of Paris. Moreover, the International Olympic Committee approved the campaign, "it is a moral support to the values that we carry around this sporting and cultural event," adds Manuel Picaud.

It was during this conference that Bruno Julliard announced the host city of the next Gay Games in 2022 – Hong Kong – will host the event. The Federation of Gay Games and 2018 Paris congratulated the organizing committee for their involvement in their applications and wish the best to all those who will be involved in conducting at the right place these Gay Games 11’. The committees organization of two other candidates Guadalajaja city and Washington DC had also made the trip to Paris to discover the host city for the future Gay Games.

The conference was followed by a charity dinner organized by Paris 2018 to support the Outreach Fellowship Program, program to help disadvantaged people to participate in the Gay Games. 



From 4 to 12 August 2018, the 10th Gay Games will be held in Paris. Created in 1982 and held every four years, the Gay Games are the biggest sporting and cultural event open to all persons over 18 years, without distinction of gender identity or sexual orientation, ethnicity or of disabilities, but also without any selection. The Gay Games will federate up to fifteen thousand participants around three principles: participation, inclusion and self-transcendence; and around thirty-six sports, fourteen cultural events, a series of conferences and festivities.