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Press Release: 03/08/2017
Contact: Jérémy Goupille,

Celebrating Diversity with Paris 2018 Gay Games 10

We are excited to announce that MCI France has been chosen to design and produce the Opening Ceremony of one of the biggest events celebrating diversity and sharing: The Paris 2018 Gay Games 10, at the Jean Bouin Stadium in Paris.


Signing contract between organizing committee
Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 and MCI France for Opening Ceremony

Since 1982, the Gay Games have been bringing together people from all over the world, promoting diversity, respect, equality, solidarity, and sharing. This edition, taking place from 4 to 12 August 2018, will offer a one-of-a-kind experience to all participants, visitors and spectators with sporting and cultural programs (36 sports and 14 cultural events) and a rich program of festivities; including an opening ceremony at the Jean Bouin Stadiuman all-night gala opening party at the Grand Palais, a village of the Gay Games on the City Hall Plaza and an amazing closing ceremony.

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Overall, the ceremony will be divided into three highlights:

  1. The gathering of all participants by country and city.
  2. The colourful parade of all ‘Gay Games’ participants marching into the stadium.
  3. A powerful show including – amongst others – speeches and hymns, and of course, world-class entertainment.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this unique event, so make sure you visit the website regularly in order to book your tickets for the Opening Ceremony and to sign up for the Gay Games.

For nearly 30 years, MCI has been creating impactful events bringing together millions of people, regardless of their colour, sexual orientation, age, nationality or religion, and this across more than 80 countries. We have an international mind-set, an appetite for innovation, and a natural ability to work together despite all the differences.

For all those reasons, we feel strongly connected to the Paris 2018 Gay Games 10, and our ambition for designing and producing the Opening Ceremony is to:

  • Make a dream come true by hosting the Gay Games for the first time in France.
  • Open doors wide by introducing iconic sites of the city of Paris to all.
  • Create a moment for sharing by getting together for one of the biggest sporting, cultural and festive events in the world.
  • Guarantee an extraordinary human adventure by making participation for all possible through the motto ‘ALL EQUAL ‘.

So, rendez-vous with Paris in 2018, where we will all share moments, enriched with emotion