The Gay Games call for Champions

Press release: Paris – April 25, 2018


Dear reader,

There is a Champion in you.


On the occasion of its 10th edition, taking place in Paris from the 4th to the 12th of August, and which will bring together thousands of people from 36 sports disciplines, the Gay Games, accompanied by their agency Brand Station, call the champions within all of France, inviting them to come join their ranks in the name of solidarity and equality.

Through a series of TV and digital movies, the Gay Games unveils the portraits of six participants of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Strong portraits, highlighting the faces and traits of each:  their expressions, ranging from benevolence to determination; their demeanor from sweet to brave to intense; their postures tall and proud; and their silence, reinforcing the power of what they embody, along with the aestheticism that emerges from it – much stronger than words can say.

Six individuals, champions in their own way, by their simple act of participation, the example they will show and inspire to others, as well as the role they will occupy during the event – athlete, supporter, or volunteer – engraved on the medal they wear on their necks.

The medals that we also find at the heart of the poster campaign, in the colors of the Gay Games, which will be released along with the films.

This inspiring campaign, orchestrated around the hashtag #AllChampions, will serve as a relay during the event and committed to the name of a better world for all, is to be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as of April 22nd.


From 4 to 12 August 2018, the tenth edition of the Gay Games will take place in Paris. Created in 1982 and held every 4 years, the Gay Games are the biggest sporting and cultural event open to all people from 18 to 99 years old, without discrimination of gender or sexual orientation, ethnicity or disabilities, and also without any selection requirements. Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10 will welcome up already more than 8,000 participants and 300 000 spectators, with 36 sports, 14 cultural events, conferences, and festivities, under the Gay Games guiding principles of: Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best®.

Thomas Mareau,