Femix’Sports, Partner

Press release: 16/02/2018

Contact : Thomas Mareau, presse@paris2018.com

Femix’Sports, Partner with Paris 2018

Paris 2018 and Femix’Sports have finalised their partnership agreement. Since Femix’Sports and Paris 2018 share the same values of non-discrimination in sport, with respect for integration and tolerance, the partnership is a natural fit.

Both Paris 2018 and Femix’Sports are committed to promoting the activities of each other’s organizations and to providing visibility before and during the events organized by Paris 2018 and Femix’Sports, including during the conferences and round tables.

Pascale Reinteau
Co-President of Paris 2018

“This partnership strengthens the viability of future Gay Games by defending the integration of all and fight against inequalities, including between women and men.”

“Partnering with Paris 2018 reinforces our commitment to the fight against discrimination in sport and its ecosystem, through an international event that promotes gender diversity, fairness, and tolerance.”

Marie-Françoise Potereau
President of Fémix’Sports


From 4 to 12 August 2018, the tenth edition of the Gay Games will take place in Paris. Created in 1982 and held every 4 years, the Gay Games are the biggest sporting and cultural event open to all people from 18 to 99 years old, without discrimination of gender or sexual orientation, ethnicity or disabilities, and also without any selection requirements. Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10 will welcome up to 15 000 participants and 300 000 spectators, with 36 sports, 14 cultural events, conferences, and festivities, under the Gay Games guiding principles of: Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best®.



Femix’Sports, a national association established in 2000, works to contribute to a better representation of women in sport, by encouraging women to play sport, promoting diversity and equity, and by providing support for the promotion of women’s sport in general. Femix’Sports defends the access to sport for women and girls at all levels of sport, in all disciplines, and in leadership positions, and at all levels of sport organizations. Femix’Sports also supports all concerned by diversity in sport and denounces all forms of discrimination in and around sport.