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Press release: 01/03/2018

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Cité internationale universitaire de Paris,

Official Partner of Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10

The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris and the organisation Paris 2018 signed a partnership agreement to offer quality accommodation and at a preferential rate for all participants of the 10th edition of the Gay Games, which will be held in Paris from 4 to 12 August 2018. For the first time in the history of the event, created in 1982, up to 2,000 participants will be offered accommodation in a unique and prestigious setting: the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

The "Gay Games" are cultural and sporting, humanist and festive, international events open to all without any discrimination, and based on principles of inclusion, participation, and personal best. The Cité Internationale is proud to support an event which reflects its commitment to combat all forms of discrimination and celebrates values of openness and sharing.

Since its creation in 1925, it has placed diversity and togetherness at the heart of its project. One of its core missions is to promote, through its houses and residents, solidarity and mutual understanding. The cultural, intellectual, or sporting events it organises or in which it takes part, such as the Gay Games, keep these ideals alive. Furthermore, since 2017, the Cité Internationale provides its residents, students, and researchers with a dedicated space for LBGT members.

The Cité Internationale and the organisation Paris 2018 also converge on the place given to sports as a tool to convey values of sharing and tolerance. Since 1982, the Gay Games are aimed at a very wide audience, encouraging everyone to participate in their own way, with sports acting as a lever for inclusion and a way to meet new people. The Cité Internationale, which also strongly believes in the federating role of sports, plays a significant role in the development of sporting activities offered in Paris universities since its creation.


The 10th Gay Games will be held in Paris from 4 to 12 August 2018. Created in 1982 and organised every 4 years, the Gay Games are the largest sporting and cultural event open to anyone above the age of 18, regardless of their identity, gender, or sexual orientation, regardless of ethnic origin, or disability, but also with no selection process whatsoever. The next Gay Games will bring together up to 15,000 participants and 300,000 spectators around three key principles: participation, inclusion, and personal best, and around 36 sports, 14 cultural events, and a series of conferences and festivities.


The Cité Internationale is a truly exceptional site comprising 40 houses, for the most part founded by patrons or foreign States, located in a 34-hectare wooded parkland. It is entirely dedicated to welcoming internationally mobile students, researchers, artists, and top-level athletes. Created in 1925 in the pacifist context of the interwar period, it promotes togetherness, exchange and mutual understanding by bringing together, in one place, young people from around the world. Every year, the campus welcomes 12,000 residents of 140 different nationalities. In addition to offering student accommodation, it provides a broad range of services and facilities available to its residents as well as the Parisian general public (park, sports fields, library, restaurants…). The Cité Internationale is currently going through a historic phase of development, in order to provide, by 2025 – that is, 100 years after its creation – an extra 10 new houses and 1,800 lodgings in addition to the existing 6,000 lodgings.